Friday, August 9, 2013

I don't practice I live it!

It struck me odd the other day when I was asked how long I have practiced The Craft. I know I began my journey in childhood, not really understanding why I gravitated to the things I did.  I know as and adult I began my journey over 20 years ago.  However these days I do not practice anything, it is part of my life. I live an breath magic in the world around me. Noticing the subtle nuances of the ether realms around me.  The Craft as is my devotion to compassion of Christ and wonder with Isis is part my daily life.  When I cook I bless, when I clean I chant, when my kids need extra courage we drag out the candles , it is not a practice it is a way of life.  A way of coping with life and a knowing of 'secrets in plain sight'.

No, these days I do not practice The Craft, I live it with every moment and breath I take. I  teach it via my own example, I grow always within it, always learning, changing, and evolving.

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