Friday, August 9, 2013

Pagan enough?

Are you Pagan enough?  I had seen this campaign over the last several years , however had not looked into it much.  I decided to do a little research and I am happy to say, this makes great sense to me!

I have traveled in and out of the Pagan community for over 2 decades and come across all types.  What always strikes me sad , is being  Pagan should mean you have the elightenment to be tolerant and undestand everyone is on your own personal journey.  There is no right or wrong, just the journey.

Over the years my ideas and practiced have changed, morphed, grown, and some been set aside.  This for me is how it should be.  Spirituality is journey and ever growing experience.  To hear someone express that they feel more spiritual then another based on traditions and practices really makes me ponder at who the less evolved one actually is.

Spirituality is deeply  personal experience, and who is to say what is right or wrong?  How can anyone one deems what is authentic, when in fact  neo-paganism is reconstructionist to begin with. 

I have journeyed  many paths and grown in each one.  I have been part of a coven and solitary, I have worshiped in nature and in a Christian church.  I am not in the least bit threatened by any others spiritual path and can see the beauty in anyone who is working towards a deeper understanding of self and the Universe.

Nearly 20 years ago I started a site for those with ties to Christianity and the Craft. It came about from my personal journey into the far left side of paganism and back. With a background in Vodou and Hoodoo from an early age, I have come to a place where I am great expressing both sides of my beliefs.  I have a system which embraces many different cultural and spiritual traditions, and it is my own.  For me this is the essence of Pagan, not something gathered from a book, or a meeting, or rally.

I am both Pagan and Christian enough for my own tastes and OK with that.  Although I know Pagan who may disagree and many Christian who think me evil incarnate.  Oh well, life is to short to worry on what others ponder in their own minds, I have enough just keeping track of my mind!

I am a earth based spiritualist who adores the compassionate teachings of Christ.  Don't like it? Well, tell someone who cares and keep the misconceptions rolling.

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