Thursday, August 8, 2013

The Science of Aromatherapy


The Science of Aromatherapy

All living matter can be measured in MHz (megahertz)

The Roses energy has been measured at 320 MHz (highest level of any living thing). The human body has been measured at 62-68 MHz (healthy) at time of cold or flu it drops to 58 MHz , and at the time of death a human has a electrical vibration of 25 MHz.  This is not wizardry or sorcery this is science and Ancient Knowledge.

In Aromatherapy we use oils to raise or lower MHz of the human body through the olofactory senses.  These senses take the essential oils to the blood stream and to the brain, this is why a scent can transport you to a memory or place.  The olfactory(sense of smell) actually stimulates memories in the brain as well as other body systems.   The nose is truly a unique system in the body with millions of nerve endings all serving a purpose.

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