Monday, August 12, 2013

What Name do you call out to?

Sometimes things happen in life that show you what you believe and what you call to for power. I an a witch in the sense of the word. I celebrate the turning wheel, use the elements , manifest, I adore the magical life, study occult, believe in "secrets in plain sights" and call the winds. I spin magic, use charms, poppets, incense and candles. I can bless and curse. Yet, in my darkest moment, I find that is Jesus and Mary I call out to. I honor myths and archetypes, I love mythology and lore, yet in my darkest moment, it is Jesus and Mary that utter to. It is the power in these names I find myself calling to in my most needy moments. I recently had a huge scare, my daughter almost died. As I drove to the hospital, I prayed without ceasing. It was Christ and his mother Mary I called out to, in a primal way. I came home and lit candles, and did some energy work using poppets and charms, but in that moment of distress and fear it was God, Jesus, and Mary I cried to. It is our darkest moments which tell us who we are. I am witch, and I call on Jesus and Mary. I am a witch and my faith is in the deity of Jesus.

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